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FAME Repairbot is your automated software solution for triaging and testing high end phones

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  • Full comprehensive test takes just 2 minutes
  • Actual make, model, memory, OS version
  • ESN/IMEI checks for lost, stolen, or financing
  • 25 point hardware functionality test
  • Apple ID locks and more….

For iOS Devices:

For Android Devices:

FAME Repairbot is proprietary mobile diagnostic software, powered by Phone Check,  that is the most comprehensive diagnostic solution in the industry. It covers over 60 possible defects and removes potential human errors making it the most efficient way to test iPhones and high end Androids.

Because we provide a genuine 3rd party certification, we’re quickly becoming known as the Carfax of the mobile phone industry. We provide a turnkey solution to automating and managing the inspection process of devices you repair or want to buy.