NEW!! Universal 3+1 Charger/Adapter

  • $25.00


  1. EU US UK AUS plugs all in one. Can be used in over 150 countries with universal socket. 
  2. 3 USB ports and 1 Type C port 5V 3.4A.
  3. Unique design, great for promotional gifts, perfect for use in hotels, on the go, traveling…  
  1. Rubber feel design, universal travel adapter. 
  2. LED light indicator. 
  3. Can use USB ports and socket at the same time. 
  4. Surge protection. 
  5. Overcharge protection. 
  6. Safely protects your mobile devices.

Product Specs:

Rated Voltage: 110-250v

Socket holes: 8

Power: 750W-1500W

Feature: 3.4A USB output

Avalable plugs: US.EU.AUS.UK

Max load: 6.3A